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Our GDPR Policy

This Policy Includes

Who Can See Your Data

What Data We Hold

How The Data Will Be Used

How Long We Hold Your Data For

Your Rights

How To Take Action On Your Data

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a standardized data protection law across all 28 EU countries and imposes new rules in which we must follow when holding and processing (using) your data. This regulation focusing of giving you control of your data.

What Data We Hold

Who Can See This Data?

This data is visible in parts to different people and organisations. This data is never shared with external organisations outside of the WorkSpaceCumbria network. Below is the people who have access and to which data they have access to.

How We Use This Data

Data Processing & Usage

Personal Data (Names, Emails, Profile Photo & Password)

Your personal data like Email and your name is kept to identify you when walking into a venue. It is also used in fire registers to ensure your safety and attendance at fire assembly points. Your password is kept to ensure you can safely login and safeguard your data. You use this password to gain access to your membership details, send messages and check blog post updates. Your profile picture is an optional feature to help people recognise you when attempting to message. Your email is also used to identify yourself when entering external venues so that they can access your WorkSpace Cumbria hours. Your email is needed to ensure your account is unique and valid.

Membership Type & Information (Membership package name, expiry and relevant details)

In order to properly regulate your usage of the Venue your membership details like package and expiry times must be kept. This allows us to advise you when you should start renewing a membership. It also allows us to process your usage so that we can provide evidence of you successfully using your membership times and hours up.

Venue Usage Statistics

In order to better package membership packages and to change business operating times we monitor your usage of the venues to ensure that we are appropriately open when needed and that we can offer you a membership package that uniquely fits your schedule.


In order to send and display the messages you send to other users on the platform, we must store them.

How Long We Hold Your Data For

We process your data for as long as you are a member at your venue. This processing is used to calculate your usage and record and amend membership packages. When you are no longer a member this is not needed so it shall be deleted. Your personal details and account will be kept active until your formally request that it should be deleted. This can be done by word of mouth in your venue or contacting You will be required to login to confirm your identity when done over email. You may also be required to show photographic ID when doing it at your venue.

Your venue usage is stored anonymously meaning that the venues can not see who was in and what time. This is used for trend analysis and will be kept indefinitely.

Your Rights

Under the new GDPR you have more rights to control your own data then ever. You have the right to access all the data we hold directly about you. Pop into the venue to find this out or you submit a more in-depth data disclosure check over email where you can find out your venue usage. You also have the right to be forgotten, submit a GDPR notice below to have your data deleted from the system. You also have the right to change any data we hold about you. This includes changing your email, name and password. Venue usage cannot be changed, only deleted. You also have the right to transfer your data to another venue as long as this is certified by both parties. Please visit us in venue to confirm this and discuss this further.

Submit A GDPR Notice

In order to discuss your data usage or exercise any of your rights, please email and we will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also come in person to the Vicky, Cockermouth and discuss this further. Please be aware that you will have to log in and confirm your identity before any system changes can take place. Upon failing to do this, you will have to provide Photographic ID and Proof of ownership of the supplied email address.

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